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Por qué arrendar una villa

Renting a Villa for your vacation is an accommodation option that has experienced tremendous growth over the past years and has quickly become one of the top vacation models in Mexico and the Caribbean. Renting a private Villa or Condo is a popular option for a family reunion, family vacation, romantic getaway, or a wedding. The idea of avoiding noisy hotels and experiencing a luxury vacation is quickly becoming more and more popular within the tourism industry in the locations we represent. From condos to top notch Villas we offer a unique vacation service for our clients.

Here are some of the main reasons that Renting a Villa is becoming the most popular and unique way of vacationing:

Only you and your guests are on the property and have access to the pools, hot tubs, etc. There are no strangers. The staff works only for you and works around your personal schedule. Your stay at the Villa will be quieter, more romantic, more restful, and more enjoyable than at a big and possibly crowded resort hotel.

Comfort and Spaciousness
The majority of our villas are designed as a private home, not as a hotel. When you walk in, you will immediately feel at home, while surrounded by complete luxury. Custom-made furniture with large stuffed cushions and pillows, fine bed linens, Jacuzzi-style bathtubs, fully-equipped kitchens for those who like to cook, multiple verandas and chaise lounges only for you. If you’re traveling with a family or friends, you’ll have the privacy of individual suites, with panoramic views and spacious living areas for sharing time together.

The cost of renting many of our villas is far less that the cost of renting a similar number of rooms at the major hotels in each of our cities. In addition, your vacation costs will be lower still because you are not at the mercy of pricy restaurants and bars. Moreover, our private villas do not require a timeshare or fractional ownership – travel where you want, when you want without membership fees.

Food & Drinks
At the majority of the hotels you’ll only have some pricy bars and restaurants available for your lunch and dinners. Moreover you are at the mercy of their food and beverage menu selection.

The majority of our villas will arrange grocery shopping for you and your party (at no extra cost other than the value of the items). You send us a list of your favorite snacks meals and beverages and they will be waiting for you when you arrive at the villa. They will also provide you with a menu of local specialties and favorite dishes for a truly authentic culinary experience. At many of our villas a chef’s services are included, and their only mission is to delight you and your party with their unique cooking style.

All the Services of a Resort

The majority of our villas have the same amenities available as the resorts do at no extra cost (if you choose them). They usually have a 24-hour concierge, housekeepers, a chef, a bartender, a sommelier, etc. We can also arrange any other service that you need assistance with such as car rental, boat trips, water sports, etc.